Qbo in pastry

Roboqbo, continually focused and oriented towards satisfying the necessities of the pastry sector as well as all others, considers innovation its strong point.
In collaboration with Maestro Leonardo Di Carlo, world champion pastry chef, Roboqbo has created 7 new videos dedicated to this field: each video presents a specific pastry process through recipes created with Qbo system.

Details video
Refining: dried fruit paste, pralines, TPT, marzipan
Pasteurising: custard, creams, fruit nectars
Candying: candied oranges
Whipping: meringue, marshmallow, mousse
Kneading: pastry, muffins/madeleines, biscuits, pistachio cake
Emulsifying: ganache, puff pastries, mayonnaise
Concentrating: jam, topping, glazing