The model

and size

for you.

There is a Roboqbo system for every need and dimension.

Whether you are big or small, working in the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical sector.

You can either be a chef or a company, farm, pastry chef, cosmetics company, ice-cream maker.

A full range of products you can customise according to your needs for research or industrial production purposes.

Accessories and plus make your system unique, comprehensive and perfect for you.

This is the reason why we state that our system can revolutionise systems. Yours.

Qbo is transformation.

Qbo is a complete laboratory in a compact tool. The all in one system that transforms raw materials in a professional, personalised and fast way. Many options available. Almost endless possibilities.

Qbo is respect.

Qbo respects raw materials, by preserving and enhancing the natural characteristics of each product. Qbo respects time, by speeding processes up. Qbo respects energy, by increasing efficiency and opting for energy saving solutions. This is our green choice.

Qbo is simplicity.

Qbo has a simple and intuitive interface. The control over each process is immediate. Hundreds of parts and functions perfectly integrated by pushing a single button. A speaking system that guarantees also assistance thanks to a real-time connection.

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