Malavasi snc is founded
Founded by Giuseppe Malavasi together with his father and brother, the Company starts making great strides in the market with a series of professional cutters – initially, countertop cutters, and after foor-standing cutters – developed for restaurants and the food industry. These cutters immediately cause a stir for the superior quality of materials and their greater automation and efficiency compared to previous-generation machines.


The breakthrough: Qbo
The company makes a major breakthrough by Qbo Universal Processing System experimental research, the transformation system that revolutionises production processes. Now a single unit takes care of the processes that normally required several machines (kneaders, cutters, meat grinders, pasteurisers, etc.). The Company undergoes a transformation: new departments, new specialties and new markets.


Roboqbo is founded
The Malavasi family decides it’s time for a makeover: new name, new logo and new dreams. The Company is strong, well-structured and growing. The meeting with Iginio Massari, the Master of Masters in the art of pastry in Italy, defines a turning point. Roboqbo becomes the perfect partner for many pastry professionals. This meeting also led to a contact with Leonardo Di Carlo, a pioneer in Scientifc Pastry and a World Pastry Champion. He’s still co-creating with the company.


AMPI Gold Medal
Innovation is in Roboqbo’s DNA. A testament to this is the Gold Medal awarded by the AMPI, the Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chefs, for the “Best Technological Quality in Vacuum Transformation Machines”.


Qbo and starred restaurants
Beginning of the partnership with starred chef Viviana Varese. The capabilities of the Qbo system are tested in one of Milan’s top cult restaurants. Qbo technology is placed at the service of the Chef’s creativity and follows her preparations with speed and precision, proving its worth in the world of haute cuisine.


Qbo 4.0
Evolution leads to the birth of the Qbo 4.0 series. In addition to offering financial advantages linked to digitalisation incentives, Qbo is enhanced with a number of future-oriented features and devices: Industrial PLC and PC, Ethernet and Wi-FI connectivity, simple and intuitive 10” Full HD interface, and a cleaning system complete with detergent management feature. This marks a revolution in the food service industry and a remarkable accomplishment in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


2nd AMPI Gold Medal
During the 24th Symposium, the AMPI – Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chefs – awards Roboqbo the prestigious Gold Medal “for excellence in the manufacture of technological equipment for the food sector and, specifically, the pastry sector”.


2020 Growth Leader Award and new headquarters
Roboqbo receives the prestigious recognition of the “Il Sole 24 Ore” as one of the 400 Italian companies with the greatest turnover growth in the 2015-2018 three-year period. New developments, new achievements. Roboqbo continues to grow and moves to new and larger headquarters of 10,000 square metres, also expanding its already extensive inventory of cutting-edge machinery.