Double cooling

It manages two different cooling fluids to reach lower refrigerating temperatures or in a shorter time. A closed circuit recovers and manages the second fluid avoiding leakage.

Direct steam

An optional device for heating through steam injection directly in the processing bowl and into the product. It can be used either singularly or in combination with the standard heating (indirect).

Food steam

Additive system for steam filtration. It removes all the small particles potentially carried by steam such as bacteria, metal and mineral molecules, and others. Always recommended with direct steam.


It performs the washing by managing specific detergents, as well as the recirculation and rinsing phases restoring a working environment with the right PH. Completely automated and integrated, it can be programmed by the operators according to their specific needs, and in compliance with the characteristics of the ingredients and of the process used.

Weighing system

It allows weighing during loading, and it detects weight loss in concentrations. Integrated in the machine and in the software, it can be set directly from the control panel. It includes the tare reset function.

Boosted motor

To ensure the normal workload even with products, that, due to their viscosity, usually require a reduction in the quantity of product to that can be processed.


To detect the Brix degree throughout the process determining its duration up to the right degree desired.

Samples drawing

A tool integrated in the bowl that allows extracting a small sample of product without the need to stop the ongoing process. It is possible to extract more samples during the same processing cycle.

Litre counter

It is a management and control system of the quantity of water in the bowl, which is possible to operate from the control panel.

Liquid feeder

It allows adding, continuously, fluid or liquid ingredients, at any stage of the process. The device can also be purchased separately and it is perfect in emulsions like mayonnaise and liquid concentrations with low fixed residues: e.g. milk, broth and must.


It allows to move inside the bowl large amount of ingredients, both solids and liquids, automatically.