Humanness is

our QFactor.

Like for our products, we put plenty of creativity and innovative spirit towards our “we”. We invest in talent search, in training and enhancing talent, in exploring collective scenarios, and in personal enrichment through development of soft skills.

We’ve grown a lot over the years and today we are a great team that respects our origins and long history while remaining open to the new generations and the new ideas they bring. It has always been our belief that individual responsibility is what underlies great work. We believe in the power of growing together and building on new experiences and skills, and in being a proactive part of a challenging project.

We have been following the path of our dream together for over 40 years.


From the very beginning, we have experienced that the success of our actions depends on the quality of the individual and collective choices we make every day. This is why right from the candidate selection process and during training of resources that become part of the Roboqbo community, the focus is on increasing self-awareness, taking responsibility for who we are and how we are ‘being’ at work and in our relationship with others. We are learning each day that the only way to continue to move with freedom and determination as One is by choosing to be conscious of who we want to become and by sharing the challenges we are called to face with everyone.

Our QFactor is our choice to show up, always.


At Roboqbo, we chose to make transformation and innovation our way of life, in every area. Just like our technological development, our personal and professional growth never stops. We believe in, support and organise continuing education programmes for our employees in order to sharpen and keep our technical and personal skillsets fresh. During work hours and right at our site, we organise English and Italian-as-a-second- language classes (the later for our foreign workers), Business Coaching pathways, customised training projects, and career advancement and specialisation cycles.

Our QFactor is to grow, always.


All-in-one for all’ is also a value for the Roboqbo community, just like it is for our systems. It is the ‘why’ behind our vision of work, life and ourselves. In our view, our microcosm refects back to us the beauty of the world that surrounds us, the incredible diversity of our origins, traditions and personal stories, which we enhance and nurture as we would a precious treasure, because they are indeed our richest heritage. Thanks to constant exchange of experiences, we leave the door open to new visions and ways to perceive things, taking nothing for granted.

Our QFactor is learning from others, always.

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