Different sectors,

different processes,

just one Qbo.

Limitless fields of application.

The Qbo system is extremely versatile, with potentially limitless applications. You dream it, Roboqbo designs and makes it happen.

Today our customers span across many transformations sectors. Our comprehensive range can satisfy any production need: in any sector, for any size business, in any part of the world.


Fruit preserves Jams Nectars Topping sauces Preserved food Mayonnaise Marshmallows Ganache Candied fruit Custards and creams Creams Nut pastes Spreads Glazes Toppings Cheese melts Fruit jellies Pasta sauces Soups Cream of vegetable soups Risotto Condensed milk Ripple ice cream Ice cream bases Pâtés


Foundation Mascara Blush Face powders Eyeshadow Lotions Creams Gels Serums Toners Masks Fluids


Creams Gels Infusions Powder mixtures Disinfectants Syrups

From small farming businesses to fine pastry-making; from production facilities to research and testing labs; from multinational companies in the food industry to those in the cosmetics industry; and from domestic and international franchise chains all the way to the pharmaceutical industry. We have learned a lot from the food industry, rising to every challenge and exploring new horizons: catering and banqueting; canning and dairy; large restaurant chains and ice cream production; refrigerated products and ready meals. Today we also serve the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, developing processes and testing formulas. What about tomorrow? Possibilities are endless with Qbo.

Roboqbo is always there for you.

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