All in one.

One for all.

The breakthrough innovation

in processing systems.



Qbo is the most advanced compact, comprehensive and patented laboratory on the market.

For the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical sector.


Countless functions. Extraordinary sceneries.
Cooking, cooling down, concentrating, kneading, refining, cutting, stirring, whipping, aerating, emulsifying, pasteurising, melting, crystallising, desiccating, dispersing, granulating.
In pressure, vacuum or modified atmosphere.

With due respect.

Raw materials first.
No matter of what kind, no matter at which latitude in the world. We have already done much in the food sector: chocolate, ice cream, pastry, gastronomy, canning, dairy and industry. We are doing great in the field of cosmetics, too. Moreover, we are opening new horizons in the pharmaceutical sector.
What else? Just dream, Qbo gives shape to imagination.

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Qbo has a simple, intuitive, and comprehensive interface.

To allow you getting the perfect product.

To have everything under control, always, with just one button.

and true.

We talk about quality.
The system returns unique products. Because it respects raw materials, which are intensified and never distorted.


Safety is essential and of utmost importance.
Qbo is steel AISI 316 treated according to MOCA regulations, to ensure stainlessness and to fulfil the requirements for all food contact items. We use non-toxic materials only, which are stress-resistant and suitable to the contact with food.

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A processing laboratory is an important investment.

Qbo is more convenient and cost saving, simplifying.


Because it speeds up the entire production process.


Because it reduces power consumption by 50%.


Because it is a compact and complete system.

Try It Out.

Once you try Qbo, you want it.
We have a team of chefs and technologists at your full disposal.
And six laboratories, one for each field of application: chocolate, ice cream, pastry, gastronomy, industry, cosmo-pharma.


We are convinced you will be amazed.
Endless possibilities. Incredible functions. Extraordinary performance.
Come and try Qbo in our laboratories, using your own raw materials, your recipe or formula. If you wish, we can help you realising what you exactly had in mind.

Afraid you cannot understand a Qbo?

Impossible, we have been working for over 40 years to implement our systems and knowledge. Making our expertise yours. Our team of technologists and professionals commits every day to the growth and development of the system. Always bag in hand, to lead you across the test and training phases.

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We make


A step forward, day by day

We have founded QboSapiens, a didactic system – face-to-face and distance – to be implemented, developed, and cultivated. To let you discover, improve and grow together.


From 860 litres to 20 microns.
Qbo revolutionises your productivity up. From small realities to big companies: it adapts and transforms according to needs. Your own needs.

As you wish.

You will find the right size for you.
A Qbo corresponds to your requests and needs. A complete range: flexible and customisable.
Moreover, accessories and plus make your Qbo unique, compact and perfect for you.

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Time is our innovation.

Giving the right value to time. This is our innovation.
Qbo finally appreciates time for its true value. Our time, and above all yours.

Innovation is
our engine.

Our Qbo belongs to industry 4.0: it improves working conditions, increases productivity and opens up to new business models. We focus on research and invest on the most advanced technologies. Therefore, we are equipped with automated warehouses, 3D printers, computerised machine tools and much more.

The good, the beauty, the healthy. The new of Italy.

We are profoundly proud of our Italian identity. Our technology is 100% Made in Italy and our systems are all developed in our headquarters.

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We manufacture


yet we are not