HACCP management:

simplified and fast.

HACCP management requires accurate and constant documentation. Labelling each conserve, keeping up-to-date records and monitoring every step of the process can be time-consuming.

With the QBO batch printer, the process becomes easier: the label includes all the required and mandatory information to be shown at inspection:

  • Process diagram:
    • maximum temperature (°C)
    • minimum temperature (°C)
    • process time
  • Batch number
  • Day and time of batch production
  • Machine ID number
  • Recipe name
  • Operator name

QBO Batch Printer

  • Automatic tracking of the production process.
  • Detailed labels with all mandatory information: process diagram, batch number, date and time of production, machine serial number, recipe name.
  • Automatic register of all operations, from production to cooling.

The result?

A more efficient, time-saving and cost-saving HACCP management, to become a new standard. The speed of the process is also combined with extreme care for raw materials, aiming to guarantee the highest quality levels, while complying with the strictest hygiene regulations.

Keeping track of your work has never been easier!

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