QboSapiens: the Aqademy of Roboqbo

“QboSapiens” is the name of the brand new project signed by Roboqbo. As a result of over 40 years of constant Research and Development performed internally by the Bolognese company, QboSapiens has been designed as a place where to learn, discuss and experiment: because for Roboqbo the engine of innovation is knowledge, especially when shared.

Training courses and programmes
Discovering Qbo

Qbo as a new way to think about transformation: a 360-degree experience to introduce, show and try personally what the whole Qbo universe is about

Qbo Master

to accompany, those who already own a Qbo, finding out new ways on how to use the system: to acquire full management autonomy, thus become real masters of the system in all its functionalities

Professional High Class

to share the knowledge of the greatest Chefs and Pâtissiers, opinion leaders, and professionals from every sector: to learn and be astonished, to discover and improve with thematic and specialised workshops